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URAI 2014

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Nov. 12~15, 2014

The 11th International Conference on
Ubiquitous Robots and Ambient Intelligence [URAI 2014]

November 12~15, 2014 / Double Tree Hotel by Hilton, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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Outstanding manuscripts among all the papers submitted to URAI 2014 were selected for the Best Paper Award, Best Application Award, Best Poster / Video Presentation Award. The Awards were selected based on their originality and the technical significance to robot field according to the review score by International Program Committee and presentation score by the Award Committee and the prize was awarded on Friday Nov. 14, 14:30 at Grand Ballroom B before the plenary talk 2.

Winner of Best Paper Award

  • * Analysis of Wobbling Mass as Shock-absorber in Limit Cycle Walking and Its Application to Micro Vibration Modeling
      Fumihiko Asano, Isao Tokuda, and Yukihiro Akutsu

Winner of Best Application Award

  • * A Control Method of Power-Assisted Robot for Upper Limb Considering Intention-based Motion by Using sEMG Signal
      Jaemin Lee, Minkyu Kim, Hyunkyu Ko, and Keehoon Kim

Winner of Best Poster/Video Presentation Award

  • * Safe Motion Generation and Online Reshaping using Dynamical Systems
      Matteo Saveriano and Dongheui Lee

Award Finalists

  • * Multi-DOF Counterbalance Mechanism for Low-Cost, Safe and Easy-Usable Robot Arm
      Hwi-Su Kim, Jae-Kyung Min, and Jae-Bok Song - TC1-2
  • * Biomimetic Printable Hexapod Robot Driven by Soft Actuator
      Canh Toan Nguyen, Hoa Phung, Tien Dat Nguyen, Choonghan Lee, Uikyum Kim, Donghyouk Lee, Hyungpil Moon, Jachoon Koo,
      Jae-do Nam and Hyouk Ryeol Choi - TC1-3
  • * Randomized Path Planning on Foliated Configuration Spaces
      Jinkyu Kim, Inyoung Ko, and Frank C. Park - TC2-4
  • * Virtual Pheromone based Information Foraging in Modular Robotics
      Van Tung Le and Trung Dung Ngo- FA2-1
  • * User Customizable Interaction in Coexistence Space
      KangGeon Kim, Myoung Soo Park, and Jung-Min Park - P1-5
  • * Low Cost and Light-weight Multi-DOF Exoskeleton for Comprehensive Upper Limb Rehabilitation
      Jeong-Ho Park, Kyoung-Soub Lee, Kyeong-Hun Jeon, Dong-Hyun Kim, and Hyung-Soon Park - P1-27
  • * Development of a Compact Motor Controller supporting EtherCAT for a Dual-arm Telepresence Robot
      Dae-Keun Yoon, Shin-Young Kim, JaiHi Cho, Kwang-Kyu Lee, and Bum-Jae You - P2-11

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The 11th International Conference on Ubiquitous Robots and Ambient Intelligence (URAI2014)
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