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URAI 2014

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Nov. 12~15, 2014

The 11th International Conference on
Ubiquitous Robots and Ambient Intelligence [URAI 2014]

November 12~15, 2014 / Double Tree Hotel by Hilton, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Poster/Video Sessions

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Oral Session
P1 Poster/Video Session 1
P1-1 A Robotic Approach for Colonoscopy 10:45~11:15
P1-2 Safe Motion Generation and Online Reshaping using Dynamical Systems 10:45~11:15
P1-3 The force interface embedded board for surgical robot 10:45~11:15
P1-4 A telepresence system of mobile robots based on
flexible path selection reflecting human intentions
P1-5 User Customizable Interaction in Coexistence Space 10:45~11:15
P1-6 Miniaturization of plastic lens by injection molding for disposable endoscopic optical coherence tomography system 10:45~11:15
P1-7 Advanced Intraoperative Surgical Photoacoustic Microscopy 10:45~11:15
P1-8 Development of stretchable strain sensor using elastic membrane coated with conducting material 10:45~11:15
P1-9 Data-driven haptic modeling and rendering of frictional sliding contact with soft objects for medical training. 10:45~11:15
P1-10 Modeling of the Influence of Tumor on Contact Pressure in Medical Palpation for the Palpation Training System using FEM Simulation 10:45~11:15
P1-11 Design and Fabrication of a Piezoelectric Micromachined Ultrasound Array Transducer for Photoacoustic Imaging Applications 10:45~11:15
P1-12 Development of Hydrophobic forcep for Robot Surgery 10:45~11:15
P1-13 Co-segmentation of Inter-subject Brain Magnetic Resonance Images 10:45~11:15
P1-14 A Portable Endoscopic Tool Handler (PETH) with its Ex-vivo ESD Trials 10:45~11:15
P1-15 Avatar Face Recognition and Self-Presence: An ERP Study 10:45~11:15
P1-16 Transmission of Operator Intention Impedance using Phantom Device 10:45~11:15
P1-17 A Novel Master Interface using Vibrotactile Display for Bi-lateral Teleoperation 10:45~11:15
P1-18 Vibrotactile Feeling Induced by Focused Ultrasound Stimulation 10:45~11:15
P1-19 Development of Tactile Display Device 10:45~11:15
P1-20 Memory-Based Passivation Approach for 6-DOF Haptic Rendering of High Stiffness Virtual Environment 10:45~11:15
P1-21 Usability testing of smart mobile walker: a pilot study 10:45~11:15
P1-22 Robotic Gait Rehabilitation System on Treadmill 10:45~11:15
P1-23 A preliminary analysis of analysis window size and voting size with a time delay for a robust real-time sEMG pattern recognition 10:45~11:15
P1-24 Analysis on the Force Distribution of Various Grasps for the Design of a Hand Exoskeleton 10:45~11:15
P1-25 Development of a Lower Extremity Exoskeleton System for Human-Robot Interaction 10:45~11:15
P1-26 Preliminary study for a soft wearable knee extensor to assist physically weak people 10:45~11:15
P1-27 Low Cost and Light-weight Multi-DOF Exoskeleton for Comprehensive Upper Limb Rehabilitation 10:45~11:15
P1-28 Design of a Cable-Driven Ankle Rehabilitation System (C-DARS) 10:45~11:15
P2 Poster/Video Session 2
P2-1 Raptor: Fast Bipedal Running and Active Tail Stabilization 16:15~16:45
P2-2 Dry Adhesion Optimization Design for a Wall-Climbing Robot Based on Experiment 16:15~16:45
P2-3 Design multi-degrees of Freedom Endoscope which overcomes Spatial Disorientation problems in Trans-gastric NOTES 16:15~16:45
P2-4 Analysis of Wobbling Mass as Shock-absorber in Limit Cycle Walking and Its Application to Micro Vibration Modeling 16:15~16:45
P2-5 Design Consideration of Robot Hands for Performing Human-Extraction or EOD 16:15~16:45
P2-6 The Study of a Customisable All Terrain Mobile Robot 16:15~16:45
P2-7 Joint Module with Passive Compliance for Dual Arm Rescue Robot 16:15~16:45
P2-8 Voice Coil Navigation Sensor for Endoscopic Silicone Intubation 16:15~16:45
P2-9 Design and simulation of a single-port surgical system on multi DoF instruments 16:15~16:45
P2-10 Feed-forward Trajectory Specification for Flapping-Wing Flying Robot 16:15~16:45
P2-11 Development of a Compact Embedded Motor Controller supporting EtherCAT for a Dual-arm Telepresence Robot 16:15~16:45
P2-12 Spline-RRT* Based Optimal Path Planning of Terrain Following Flights for Fixed-Wing UAVs 16:15~16:45
P2-13 Sound signal following control of a mobile robot with the estimation of the sound source location by a microphone array 16:15~16:45
P2-14 Localization of an Outdoor Mobile Robot Considering the Uncertainty Model of the Road Curb 16:15~16:45
P2-15 Fusion of Laser Scanner and Camera Using a Direct Drive Gimbal for Leader-Following Formation Control 16:15~16:45
P2-16 Global Localization Using Distances between Reflectors 16:15~16:45
P2-17 Whole Arm Manipulation with Effects of Static and Dynamic Friction on Body Surface 16:15~16:45
P2-18 Link Quality Aware Route Selection in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks 16:15~16:45
P2-19 Effect of Pattern Slot Size on Measurement Errors of a Noncontact Line Laser Sensor 16:15~16:45
P2-20 Hybrid Representation and Rendering of Indoor Environments Using Meshes and Point Clouds 16:15~16:45
P2-21 Development of Advanced Grid Map Building Model based on Sonar Geometric Reliability for Indoor Mobile Robot Localization 16:15~16:45
P2-22 Position Estimation of Landmark using 3D Point Cloud and Trilateration Method 16:15~16:45
P2-23 Robust Self-localization of Ground Vehicles Using Artificial Landmark 16:15~16:45
P2-24 Image-based Localization Using Prior Map Database and Monte Carlo Localization 16:15~16:45
P2-25 Auto Parking Path Planning System Using Modified Reeds-Shepp Curve Algorithm 16:15~16:45
P2-26 Flexible Distance Maintenance of Autonomous vehicle in Accordance with Lane Change of Lateral Position Vehicle 16:15~16:45
P2-27 Safety System Technologies for Commercialized Robot Shuttle Service 16:15~16:45
P3 Poster Session 3
P3-1 Using Auto-Associative Neural Networks to Compress and Visualize Multidimensional Data 10:45~11:15
P3-2 DocT - Document Management and Testing Tool for Robot Software 10:45~11:15
P3-3 Development of a Robotic Platform for Amphibious Locomotion on Ground and Water Surfaces 10:45~11:15
P3-4 Central Patten Generator Based Locomotion in Inchworm Robot 10:45~11:15
P3-5 Wireless Control of a Board Robot Using a Sensing Glove 10:45~11:15
P3-6 The Development of the Sonde system for the Nondestructive Inspection Unpiggable Pipelines Robot detection 10:45~11:15
P3-7 Dual Arm Peg-in-Hole Assembly with a Programmed Compliant System 10:45~11:15
P3-8 Posture Adaptation of Humanoid Robot for Standing on the Inclined Floor using Inverse Kinematics of the Projective Method 10:45~11:15
P3-9 An Identification of the Single rod Hydraulic Cylinder using Signal Compression Method and applying SMCSPO 10:45~11:15
P3-10 Passivity Mimicking Control for a XENMA Gait Rehabilitation Robot with Rimless Wheel Model 10:45~11:15
P3-11 Adaptive Torque Control of Hydraulic Actuators Based on Dynamic Compensation 10:45~11:15
P3-12 Pressure Feedback Effects of Elector-Hydraulic Actuator System 10:45~11:15
P3-13 Method to apply Virtual Spring-damper hypothesis for a redundant hydraulic manipulator 10:45~11:15
P3-14 Principal properties and experiments of hydraulic actuator for robot 10:45~11:15
P3-15 Leg Mechanism Design for SLIP Model of Hydraulic Quadruped Robot 10:45~11:15
P3-16 Analysis of Mobile Robot Acceleration for Tip-over Terrain Prediction 10:45~11:15
P3-17 A robot software middleware based on the OPRoS and the RTX 10:45~11:15
P3-18 Switched Capacitors Multilevel Converter Design For Robotics Application Employing Arduino Microcontroller 10:45~11:15
P3-19 Design of robotic cell with multi dual-arm robots 10:45~11:15
P3-20 Analysis of structural vibration characteristics of Harmonic drive 10:45~11:15
P3-21 Bolting with the industrial dual-arm robot 10:45~11:15
P3-22 Study on the vibrational motion of the high speed parallel robot 10:45~11:15
P3-23 Bin Picking for the Object of Non-Lambertian Reflectance without using an Explicit Object Model 10:45~11:15
P3-24 Development of a Spoke Type Novel Joint Torque Sensor by using Nano Carbon Strain Sensors 10:45~11:15
P3-25 Implementation of a Fuzzy Control System for Inverse Ball Drive Mobile Robot 10:45~11:15
P3-26 Dispensing Materials of mobile Robot cooperating with Perception Sensor Network 10:45~11:15
P3-27 Development of a selectable teleoperated robot system using RSNP 10:45~11:15
P3-28 Work in Progress: Experimental Design on Initial Investigation of Malaysian Technical Education Using Humanoid Robot Teacher and Human Teacher 10:45~11:15
P3-29 Emotional Interaction with Mobile Robot by using Hand Gesture 10:45~11:15
P3-30 A Study on Facilitating Factors for the Utilization of R-Learning among Kindergarten Teachers 10:45~11:15
P4 Poster/Video Session 4
P4-1 Integrating Elementary Functions for Autonomous Navigation of a Mobile Robot 17:30~18:00
P4-2 Development of an Exploration Rover Platform for Sample Return Mission 17:30~18:00
P4-3 Combining 3D SLAM and Visual Tracking to Reach and Retrieve Objects in Daily-Life Indoor Environments 17:30~18:00
P4-4 Attitude Estimation and DVL Based Navigation Using Low-cost MEMS AHRS for UUVs 17:30~18:00
P4-5 Robust path planning for autonomous vehicle in position uncertainty 17:30~18:00
P4-6 Performance Analysis of Path Planners for Autonomous Parking Control 17:30~18:00
P4-7 Reliable Wall Estimation Method with RGB-D Camera for Wall Following 17:30~18:00
P4-8 Autonomous Navigation in an Agriculture Product Processing Center 17:30~18:00
P4-9 Toward Recognition of Object Shape on a Distributed Wheeled Array by Using a Sparse Infrared Sensor Array 17:30~18:00
P4-10 The Development of the Modular Autonomous Underwater Navigation System based on OPRoS 17:30~18:00
P4-11 Research of 3D omni-directional RF antenna attenuation model for using underwater vehicle localization 17:30~18:00
P4-12 Experimental Tests of Vision-Based Artificial Landmark Detection using Random Forests and Particle Filter 17:30~18:00
P4-13 Object Tracking by Supported Particles 17:30~18:00
P4-14 Collaborative Control of UAV/UGV 17:30~18:00
P4-15 Path planning and global trajectory tracking assistance to autonomous vehicle 17:30~18:00
P4-16 RGBD Sensor and Mirrors: a Practical Setup for 3D Reconstruction of Dynamic Objects 17:30~18:00
P4-17 3D Registration of Multi-view Depth Data for Hand-Arm Pose Estimation 17:30~18:00
P4-18 Optimization of Single Filter Network on Visual Corrosion Defect 17:30~18:00
P4-19 Non-linear motion estimation based online multi-target tracking 17:30~18:00
P4-20 Motion Deblurring using Coded Exposure for a Wheeled Mobile Robot 17:30~18:00
P4-21 Visual Perception of Traffic Sign for Autonomous Vehicle Using k-Nearest Cluster Neighbor Classifier 17:30~18:00
P4-22 Visual Navigation using Place Recognition with Visual Line Words 17:30~18:00
P4-23 Human Segmentation on Sports Simulator Using Hierarchical Template Matching 17:30~18:00
P4-24 A Simple and Real-Time Moving Object Detection Invariant to Cast Shadow 17:30~18:00
P4-25 Robotic Gesture Generation-based on Cognitive Basis for Non-Verbal Communication 17:30~18:00
P4-26 Development of 1-axis torque sensor with different shape of support and measurement spoke 17:30~18:00
P4-27 Real-Time Optimization for the High-Fidelity of Human Motion Imitation 17:30~18:00
P4-28 Optimal Task Scheduler Design Using the Underwater Risk Assessment 17:30~18:00

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