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URAI 2014

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Nov. 12~15, 2014

The 11th International Conference on
Ubiquitous Robots and Ambient Intelligence [URAI 2014]

November 12~15, 2014 / Double Tree Hotel by Hilton, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Oral Sessions

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Oral Session
TA1 [OS] Medical Robotics Grand Ballroom B
TA1-1 A Robot Design for Trans-oral Surgery 09:00~09:15
TA1-2 Optimization Design of Remote Center Motion Mechanism for Minimally Invasive Surgical Robot 09:15~09:30
TA1-3 A non-linear, anisotropic mass spring model based simulation for soft tissue deformation 09:30~09:45
TA1-4 Robotic tele-surgery through the Internet -System development and its feasibility tests- 09:45~10:00
TA1-5 Development of a Cognitive Engine for Balancing Automation and Human Control of Surgical Robotic System 10:00~10:15
TA2 [OS] Avatar and Interaction Rafflesia
TA2-1 Interactive Retexturing from Unordered Images 09:00~09:15
TA2-2 Hair Modeling using Kinect Sensors and DSLR Cameras 09:15~09:30
TA2-3 Effect of Robot's Title in Human-Robot Interaction 09:30~09:45
TA2-4 Analysis on the Reference Coordinates of the EKF-based SLAM 09:45~10:00
TA2-5 A novel supervised feature extraction for decoding sEMG signals robust to the sensor positions 10:00~10:15
TB1 Wheeled and Legged Robots Grand Ballroom B
TB1-1 Torque-based multi-task and balancing control for humanoid robots 11:15~11:45
TB1-2 On the Dynamic Model of a Two-Wheeled Inverted Pendulum Robot 11:45~12:00
TB1-3 A New Active Wheel Slip Avoidance Method for Mobile Manipulator 12:00~12:15
TB1-4 Road Continuity Evaluation for Autonomous Robot Navigation 12:15~12:30
TB2 AI Reasoning & Adaptive Behavio Rafflesia
TB2-1 Skills Learning in Robots by Interaction with Users and Environment 11:15~11:45
TB2-2 Cluster and Visualize Data Using 3D Self-Organizing Maps 11:45~12:00
TB2-3 Learning Manipulative Skills Using a POMDP Framework 12:00~12:15
TB2-4 Experience based Domestic Environment and User Adaptive Cleaning Algorithm of a Robot Cleaner 12:15~12:30
TC1 Mechanical Design Grand Ballroom B
TC1-1 Design and Control of a Three Finger Hand Exoskeleton for Translation of a slender object 14:30~15:00
TC1-2 Multi-DOF Counterbalance Mechanism for Low-Cost, Safe and Easy-Usable Robot Arm 15:00~15:15
TC1-3 Biomimetic Printable Hexapod Robot Driven by Soft Actuator 15:15~15:30
TC1-4 A Novel Design of Active Cannula for MicroSurgery 15:30~15:45
TC2 SLAM / Localization Rafflesia
TC2-1 High-Stress Dielectric Elastomer Actuators with Oil Encapsulation 14:30~15:00
TC2-2 Development of the position estimate systems of the mobile robot and humans for mobile intelligent spaces 15:00~15:15
TC2-3 Relative Pose Estimation of Underwater Robot by Fusing Inertial sensors and Optical image 15:15~15:30
TC2-4 Randomized Path Planning on Foliated Configuration Spaces 15:30~15:45
TD1 [OS] Telerobotics with Natural User Interaction Grand Ballroom B
TD1-1 DuplicateSpace: Enhancing Operability of Virtual 3D Objects by Asymmetric Bimanual Interaction 16:45~17:00
TD1-2 Development of an Underactuated Robotic Hand using Differential Gear Mechanism 17:00~17:15
TD1-3 Task-oriented Teleoperation through Natural 3D User Interaction 17:15~17:30
TD1-4 Object Detection using RGBD Data for Interactive Robotic Manipulation 17:30~17:45
TD1-5 A Glasses Tracking Interface for Human-Robot Interaction 17:45~18:00
TD1-6 Context-Sensitive Natural Language Generation for Human Readable Event Logs based on Situation Awareness in Human-Robot Cooperation 18:00~18:15
FA1 [OS] Intelligent Robot Control Grand Ballroom B
FA1-1 Motion synthesis from stochastically encoded motion primitives for anthropomorphic robotic arm 09:00~09:15
FA1-2 THOR-OP Humanoid Robot for DARPA Robotics Challenge Trials 2013 09:15~09:30
FA1-3 Applying Intrinsic Motivation for Visuomotor Learning of Robot Arm Motion 09:30~09:45
FA1-4 Learning Motion and Impedance Behaviors from Human Demonstrations 09:45~10:00
FA1-5 Generating Various Waving Hand Motions of Humanoid Robot in Greeting Situation 10:00~10:15
FA2 Biologically-Inspired Robots Rafflesia
FA2-1 Virtual Pheromone based Information Foraging in Modular Robotics 09:00~09:15
FA2-2 A Control Method for a Power-Assisted Robot for Upper Limbs considering Intention-based Motion Using sEMG Signals 09:15~09:30
FA2-3 Dynamic Social Zone for Human Safety in Human-Robot SharedWorkspaces 09:30~09:45
FA2-4 Clustering Four Bit Sequence Control for Serpentine Gait of Hyper Redundant Robot System 09:45~10:00
FA2-5 PSpHT a Water Strider-like Robot for Water Inspection: Framework and Control Architecture 10:00~10:15
FB1 [OS] Evaluation of Cell Deformability Grand Ballroom B
FB1-1 Evaluation of Cell Deformability through Micro Fluidic Channel 11:15~11:45
FB1-2 Cell Stiffness Measurement Using Two-fingered Micro-hand Equipped with Plate-shaped End Effector 11:45~12:00
FB1-3 Improving the Evaluation of Cell Deformability by Different Channel Width \\in a Microfluidic Device 12:00~12:15
FB1-4 Non-contact Measurement of Oxygen Consumption Rate of Single Oocyte Using Fluorescence Sensor 12:15~12:30
FB2 Rehabilitation Robotics Rafflesia
FB2-2 Evaluation of wrist joint proprioception by means of a robotic device 11:45~12:00
FB2-3 Upper-Limb Assistive Device for the Elderly at Home 12:00~12:15
FB2-4 Design of Exoskeleton Robotic Hand/Arm System for Upper Limbs Rehabilitation Considering Mobility and Portability 12:15~12:30
FC1 Sensor & Medical Robotics Grand Ballroom B
FC1-1 Inflatable Wing Design for Micro UAVs using Indirect 3D Printing 15:30~16:00
FC1-3 Optical multimodal probe for image guided surgery 16:15~16:30
FC1-4 Research on Brain Control Prosthetic Hand 16:30~16:45
FC1-5 A Fusion Approach for Robust Visual Object Tracking in Crowd Scenes 16:45~17:00
FC2 Planning and Control Rafflesia
FC2-1 Geometric Descriptor for Bag of Visual Words-based Place Recognition 15:30~15:45
FC2-2 Practical Control Strategy of Packing Multiple Boxes Simultaneously with Dual Arm Robot 15:45~16:00
FC2-3 Fast Parallel Parking for Autonomous Vehicles using Gompertz Curves 16:00~16:15
FC2-4 Tracking on Lie Group for Robot Manipulators 16:15~16:30
FC2-5 Approximate Solution of Steady Step Period in One-period Limit Cycle Walking Based on Discretization of Control Input 16:30~16:45

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