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Plenary Speakers

Emilio Frazzoli

Name Emilio Frazzoli
Affiliation MIT, USA
Homepage http://ares.lids.mit.edu/
Presentation Title Distributed Systems for Urban Mobility
. Abstract & Biography

Beom Hee Lee

Name Beom Hee Lee
Affiliation Seoul National University, Korea
Homepage http://risl.snu.ac.kr/prof_intro/prof_intro.htm
Presentation Title
Multi-robot collision avoidance and applications.
. Abstract & Biography

Roland Siegwart

Name Roland Siegwart
Affiliation ETH Zürich, Switzerland
Homepage http://www.asl.ethz.ch
Presentation Title
Design and navigation of robots that role, run and fly
. Abstract & Biography

Dong Sun

Name Dong Sun
Affiliation Department of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering
City University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong, China
Homepage http://www.cityu.edu.hk/mbe/medsun/
Presentation Title A synchronization control approach to networked robotic systems
. Abstract & Biography

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