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Poster Session

No. Title Date
Time Place
Tu2 Poster Session Nov. 4, 2014 (Tue.)
Tu2-1 Detection and Notification of Failures in Distributed Component-Based Robot Applications using Blackboard Architecture 14:10-15:30 103
Tu2-2 Muscle Synergy Analysis of Human Standing-up Motion Using Forward Dynamic Simulation with Four Body Segment Model 14:10-15:30 103
Tu2-3 MarSim, a simulation of the MarsuBots fleet using NetLogo 14:10-15:30 103
Tu2-4 Coordination of Modular Robots by means of Topology Discovery and Leader Election: Improvement of the Locomotion Case 14:10-15:30 103
Tu2-5 Path Planning for Multi-Agent Jellyfish Removal Robot System JEROS and Experimental Tests 14:10-15:30 103
Tu2-6 Dynamic Scheduling for Job Shop Problem based on Wasps Colony Algorithm 14:10-15:30 103
Tu2-7 Adaptive Division of Labor in Multi-Robot System using Visual Information 14:10-15:30 103
Tu2-8 Evolutionary Algorithm-based Model Predictive Formation Control with Collision Avoidance 14:10-15:30 103
Tu2-9 Navigation Algorithms for Source Seeking Agents 14:10-15:30 103
Tu2-10 Reconfigurable Formation Control for Multi-object Transportation 14:10-15:30 103
Tu2-11 Nonlinear Consensus Protocols in Formation Control 14:10-15:30 103
Tu2-12 Indoor Localization for Multistory Buildings 14:10-15:30 103
Tu2-13 A 3D Feature Model for Urban Road Vehicle Detection 14:10-15:30 103
Tu2-14 An Approach of Cleaning a Large Public Space with Multiple Robots 14:10-15:30 103
Tu2-15 Model-Based Dependability Analysis of Multi-Robot Systems 14:10-15:30 103
Tu2-16 Physical Bubblesort 14:10-15:30 103
Tu2-17 Behavior-based Communication for Cooperative Mine Clearing with an ASV 14:10-15:30 103
Tu2-18 Multi-Robot Behavior Coordination 14:10-15:30 103
Tu2-19 Optimizing Robot Behavior for Improved Recognition by Teammates 14:10-15:30 103
Tu2-20 Preliminary Result on Aerial Tool Operation using Quadrotors as Rotating Thrust Generators 14:10-15:30 103
Tu2-21 Preliminary Results on Cooperative Control of Multiple Quadrotor-Manipulator Systems 14:10-15:30 103
Tu2-22 Development of a Home Service Robot Platform Designed for Floor Tasks 14:10-15:30 103
Tu2-23 3D Reference Trajectory Generation of Piecewise Constant Acceleration Type for Aerial Robots 14:10-15:30 103
Tu2-24 Development of Swarming Flight System for Indoor Environment 14:10-15:30 103
Tu2-25 Study on Outlier Detection in TWR-Based Localization System 14:10-15:30 103

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